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Existing Standards

The whole NFC thing here in the West is crazy.

The Japanese have their own system, they've had it for a long time, and it works brilliantly. They've had it built into phones for ages, and it's completely normal to use a phone (even a budget phone) to pay on the subway, buy a coffee, newspaper, etc.

So why was it that the existing, functional and completely adequate standard in Japan was ignored by the West? Not Invented Here syndrome? Licensing fees? Hadn't been to Japan and didn't bother doing an IPR search for Japanese patents?

Patent Wars

Of course this raises the possibility of Japanese tech companies pursuing the NFC consortium for patent licensing. Bit like Mitsubishi having invented the Dyson AirBlade hand drier years before Dyson themselves got round to it... Mitsubishi obliged Dyson to withdraw their version.

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