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Bonking with Apple is no fun 'cos it's too hard to pay, say punters

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How convenient is paying by phone, compared to paying by card?

A lot of shops offer loyalty and/or membership cards. You have to produce these at the tills when you get served. So, you have to take out your purse/wallet when you get served. That means that, in order to use your phone to pay, you have to take out your phone and wallet. Use a card and you need just your wallet.

Phone apps that offer to display your card barcode aren't convenient, unlock your phone, open the app, find the option to display the barcode, hand over your phone to the cashier, wait for them to try and scan it, fail, hand it back to you, then you fish out the bit of plastic out of your wallet.

Add that to the fact that a large proportion of shops etc will not take the phone payment method. This means you have the added embarrassment of flashing your expensive shiny, only to sheepishly put it away after the cashier tells you that they don't accept it. So, you have to use your card anyway.

As you have to have your card at the ready anyway, what's the point in trying to use your phone?

Seems to me that NFC payments are a solution looking for a problem, with a whole lot more problems itself than it solves.

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