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Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Chana masala


I knew even while doing my initial prep of this dish, 1" cubes (as was originally called for) was far to big for a dish that does not get stirred post bake. Used 1/2" the first time, was still too segregated a flavor. No way would I not do 1/4" in the future (perhaps even shredded on those cheeses).

Considering it microwaves well, thought it might fit the post-pub nosh series. I live in the cheese state (Wisconsin), and have access to just about everything. What I can't get at the market, I can likely get thru the Country Club (at cost). I've tasted everything from dolphin to goat to lamb to horse in the past few months. Rare stuff I cannot find at the market the CC gets NP.

Oh and will be cooking El Reg's english muffins at work Thrus. Only one cook there has ever done it, many had never even seen a recipe for them. Not ballsy enough yet to try the Hollandaise sauce

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