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Anonymous Coward

preemptive protection for himself or his fellow party members?

If we can make a law declaring "revenge" porn somehow different, then what stops any politico, pundit, bundler or propagandist from declaring any compromising photos/video/ect were "revenge" and therefore eliminat-able under the new law?

Does anyone with memory, common sense and not in thrall to the Cult of Outrage not see the harmful effect this allows?

Congratulations, we've just codified another means of information control.

Beware the "save the (children/women/etc ) from themselves" laws. Because they WILL be used in a manner completely different from how the legislation was sold.

But the Outraged will never allow the discussion to go that way. The emotional arguments will be "but what if it was your daughter/son/etc?" as if that somehow justifies ignoring the realpolitik of legislative abuse.

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