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Let's be absolutely clear. The wrongs we're talking about are publishing, i.e. sharing photos where a) there was a relationship of trust and confidence that the photos wouldn't be shared, and/or b) in any case the person concerned has a reasonable expectation of privacy, which in turn is protected by any decent constitution. If the person in the photo is naked, and doesn't look like a porn star, then that should put you on notice that it was confidential information.

You would not, should not, and must not share your neighbour's burglar alarm pin code with Twitter, when she has trusted you to keep it totally private. The only difference of moral substance between that and sharing someone's private naked photos is that the photos situation is even worse in some ways, because being able to have a private life is essential for the development of your personality, an interest which is arguably more vital to your ability to have a decent life, than the possessions in your flat.

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