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Al Franken to FBI: We need MORE revenge smut arrests

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Yes it is simple for some old bugger like myself to see how foolish some young person is to allow a photograph or video to be taken that might appear later. Also I can point out the hypocrisy and deceit of a society that will judge you by the odd image depicting you without the requisite amount of clothing.

But that is a reflection of my, and other's, own weakness and prejudice.

Though I suspect the whole 'revenge porn' law and action is more about self-serving wankers in power, I do feel deep down that we, the mass of humanity, need to take a look at ourselves and to realise that a photo or video of some consensual activity should NEVER be seen as a problem for those taking part. Only for those who object without any experience or justification (probably the psychological reason for such a 'problem' in the first place).

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