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personal data, encryption etc...

I have had to work on a few of these slides for writing image segmentation software (strictly academic, but informative). Very interesting use of mathematics for boundary detection.

It would be a great advance to have the meta information available such that as more intense diagnostics become available (e.g. genomic, blood analysis). Then as models of diseases for each phenotype are determined, it maybe possible to "predict" outcomes based upon other more common diagnostics.

I put "predict" in quotes because I have read/heard discussion in the biomedical community on the value of prevention as precursor to prediction (i.e recognise symptoms early).

Back on the IT, perhaps patient records need to be hierarchically encrypted. Say, the HIPPA data is one key, the clinical data another key. Special permission for person features (e.g. X-rays, MRIs )

Anyone know if there are mechanism to achieve this?


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