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Digital pathology and the big Cs (that’s ‘cancer’ and ‘cloud’)

John 110

As a NHS Biomedical Scientist, I can state that we need as much (or little) data as is necessary to uniquely identify the patient. Currently where I work, the minimum would be a 10-digit number which includes the date of birth, but we actually like the Patient's name as well (because patients are people, not numbers). As the NHS has yet to standardize on a patient identifier across the UK, we would probably want the actual date of birth and current address as well, especially if the stored info is to be shared across regional borders. If you are using this stuff for diagnostic purposes, we would probably like some clinical details as well so that we can decide what to test for and interpret the results to your GP/Consultant when we get them.

Why? Just how little (or how much) do you think is important?

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