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Yet another reason to buy a PC

You aren't forced to buy from a single company, can't have online play held hostage, don't need your CC to use it (you can even buy Steam bux with cash from several retailers if you CHOOSE to use that service) and several places sell games with absolutely no DRM at all.

Considering they've been selling AMD quad APU systems at Tigerdirect that can even play BF4 above 30fps for around $220 USD along with the fact that MSFT announced Win 10 is gonna be free for the first year to pretty much anybody? I'd say its a no brainer.

I know I'm VERY glad I got my family into PC gaming, by shopping smart and getting systems with plenty of room to upgrade I doubt I have even $1300 USD into the FOUR PC towers we have while we all have plenty of power (quad for the missus, hexa me and the oldest, octo for the youngest because he had to be Spinal Tap and go to 11) and the amount of money I saved on games is just nuts.

Being able to have a family game even with the oldest the next town over with the new wife and the youngest in his new apt down the street without having to shell out a pile of cash just for "permission" to do so? Priceless.

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