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Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account


That's true about checking your account, but it wouldn't always help if you did. A friend was hacked (Andorid/Play Store) and the extra charges didn't even show up on online banking for several months (Santander). Then all at once there were a lot of entries for Google Play over this period for lots of games and DLC/in-app purchases for titles that they had never even had on their device. I had an amusing time with reporting it, as I was directed to an online form with space to report ONE item when the dodgy items filled 7 or 8 pages of printouts! It was reported, and after a week exchanging a few emails with someone at Google and handing over all the details of the unathorised charges, one week later my friend received a full refund from Google no questions asked, no problem at all.

Sony could learn a thing or two, but they won't. They never do.

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