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Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account

Dave Stevens

Car analogies

Gaming software is not at all like transportation hardware.

The article is so incomplete that it doesn't even specify which game was bought and downloaded.

Let's assume it's something for EA, Activision or Ubi. As soon as the software is purchased, Sony credits one of the above company for the amount of the purchase minus a commission. So, realistically, one of the above company should be the one refunding the money because they are the one with the money. Let's go asks those companies what they think. It should be worth a laugh.

Also the value of the games on the account are probably inflated. Games lose value quickly and anything on disc is unaffected. Downloaded games have little value since they are not transferable. Go bankrupt, you'll find out it's worth nothing. Most people format their hard drive before they sell their consoles.

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