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Dave Stevens

Ben Smyth's details

"If the reported unauthorised transactions were made on a console other than the one owned by the account holder, the person responsible must have had details of the account sign-in ID and password," he added.

That's not admitting the transaction was fraudulent.

On PSN, you have an id that's visible to other players, but you don't use that to log in. You use an email address.

It's pretty unlikely someone would get Ben Smyth's email address and PSN password and then use that to log in on a PS(3? 4? Vita?), purchase one game, and download it just so he can play it, but only while he's logged in as Ben Smyth. What do you get out of that? A free rental just to piss somebody up?

It's not uncommon for PSN users to trade ids and passwords so each one can play games that were bought by the others. Users who do that break the licensing agreement and take obvious risks, although they are usually smart enough to remove the credit card info from their account. The odds favors this outcome.

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