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A console or account may be banned due to having a credit card charge reversed or "charge back" resulting in debt. A charge back can include credit card theft, identity theft, or non-approved use.

Which basically means that you are held responsible for things that are not under your control. This is known as a FAIL.

No, that is known as unfair contract terms, and AFAIK it is not possible for a company to insert clauses that bypass specific consumer protection laws because that would negate the whole point of having them in the first place.

This definitely needs to hit either a court or start formal complaints, both via Citizens Advice and directly to Trading Standards - the volume of users having signed up to this rubbish is large enough for TS to take an interest. I would suspect these terms would not only be declared void, it is also quite possible that Sony could be ordered to pay back charges even of those who ended up accepting them because they thought those terms were valid.

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