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"So Sony haven't taken anything from you... ???"

They have denied you access to "services" that they agree you DID pay for - since you don't have a copy of your games in your own hot little hands they are storing your specific copy for you, and for which you have agreed tom pay them. Since they DID agree to that, and both you and they agree that you DID pay for those, blocking your account is essentially theft. Neither they nor you are disputing whether you had an account, just a specific purchase. If you consider a utility comparison, which in many ways is what on-line gaming is similar to, suppose you have a gas heater and gas stove (and for whatever luddite reason you chose) you don't have electricity laid in. Your itemized bill one month includes charges for electricity you could not possibly have used.

You contact the utility and they tell you, "well all you say is true, but you still owe us for the electricity. Until you pay us, we are turning off your gas service as well as your electricity."

You respond, "but I don't use electricity. Just gas. Go ahead and turn the electricity off, leave the gas alone."

They, "sorry, until you pay for the electricity, no gas."

That is not capitalism, that is robbery.

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