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> That sounds ok to me. The contact details the registrar already had on record were used to confirm the request was valid.

Really ! Just having the phone answered by someone claiming to be the right person is enough ? In this case it involved the receptionist - you know, those highly vetted and highly paid people who are experts in security. In many cases, when someone leaves, reception is told to forward all calls for the person to someone else in their office - the bigger the organisation, the easier is would be for the highly trained security expert on reception to not notice being given duff information.

Or it could well have just been the cleaner or security guard at a weekend - you know, when it's best to phone up with the "our systems our down, I'll be strung up Monday morning if I can't fix this" story.

On second thoughts, if just answering the right phone is enough, can I borrow your mobile to call your bank - I'd like to withdraw some money on your behalf :-)

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