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Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account

Mad Chaz

How to contradict yourself

" due to the nature of digital content, in that it is made available immediately and cannot be returned"

But we can cut off access to any and all content on your account and everything linked to it. So what exactly prevents them from, say, removing that ONE game from his account and removing the charge? What did this really cost them? After all, no physical media was send to him, just some bandwidth was used. Removing the game doesn't even cost bandwidth.

So basically, Sony is saying they are unable to make a button allowing the call center drone to make a simple SQL statement in the database to remove the game from your account? Now I'm no game developer, I suck at making pretty things. But I have a lot of programming experience and this sounds like a trivial problem that SHOULD be solvable in an afternoon by any half decent programmer.

No wonder they store passwords in plain text and can't figure out how to keep everyone and his brother from hacking them ...

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