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Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account



Honestly, owning a console now days is like living in some sort of bizarre alternative reality where everyday rules just don't exist.

I buy a Ford car, I'm a complete car nut so I Kev it up to the max. Does Ford call the lawyers and threaten to sue me for bazillions of monies? No.

I buy a Ps3, decide I want to play around with the insides, perhaps run Linux on it, oh

boy am I in trouble! Now I know that Sony bangs on about, "oh but the console is still ours, developers blah, blah blah". Ford have a good thing going too you know, after market parts etc. You don't see them fisting Joe public because they want to drive in reverse every now and then.

If someone stole my car and used it in a bank robbery would the bank come knocking on my door? Perhaps for having terrible taste in cars yes but that's it. Plus my insurance company will pay me for damages to my car.

Are Sony so incompetent that they couldn't possible just remove the purchase from the guy? I mean seriously WTF? Aaargh someone pinch me I need to wake up from this cr*p!

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