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The whole "online content only" issue

Is likely the biggest reason I have not gone for a PS4.

The whole family enjoys the console games and utilities - but in no way shape or form do we put *anything* relating to personal (credit card/paypal/debit card) payment data into the damned thing. I'll grab a bunch of PS giftcards every once in a while - and we use those ONLY. I went on a complete and total rant when the SO (quite some time ago) used a household credit card to buy things on EA. The card was cancelled that month and replaced. Any time we can't keep the code local and run it locally, we are at the mercy of the other end of the pipe, hell even my 9 year old gets that now (MS owning minecraft). Almost had to wean the SO off of Sims there for a while. Even on WoW we go timecards only. And Blizz is now setting up to do RL to Game funds transfers (see WOW token) - THAT will be a brilliant failure sometime real soon now.

(and on WOW everyone has 2FA keys now -- Scarily - even *my* account was hacked once -- and I run it in wine....)

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