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Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account


another affected user

This happened to me last year too. Some little turd faudulently used my details to purchase a ps4 game (regardless the fact I have and probably will never own a PS4).

I reported the fraud, got the whole case investigated, then once they acknowledged that it couldnt have been me, they played the all transactions are the responsibility of the account holder rubbish.

They then said an ah well at least when you get your ps4 youll have infamous second son on it for free. Err Not free if ive been fleeced 50 quid for the luxury.

I ended up going to my bank and getting them to claim my money back. 2 weeks later found my account was banned and they wont unban until i pay off the balance. Ah well. Seeing as ive removed my details from the account it can stay bloody banned. Never trust a corporation like Sony with your details. Their flawless security system isnt that flawless.

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