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Tidal music launch: Pop plutocrats pour FLAC on rival Spotify

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"Commercial distribution of music to end users in FLAC is a perfect solution as far as I'm concerned."

Just so you here understand, your "perfect" solution wasn't even perfect the year it was drafted, which was 1979. Some of the earlier drafts for Red Book were testing 48khz, not 44.1khz (I've never read on why they couldn't do 48khz, maybe you know since you read about all of this?). If you really like the digital "solution" from 36 years ago, then you're in luck because that is all there is.

BTW, I know you just read about music quality, because anyone worth their weight in audio knows a higher lossy bitrate has absolutely, positively, nothing to do with whatever a loseless bitrate is...NOTHING!

"Oh it solves artists' problems, but it doesn't solve customers' problems" <- No it doesn't solve their problems, it creates them. The process of tracking down royalties is cumbersome, and like YouTube, this won't help. Of course piracy is very real and pretty much kills a streaming service at this price point (it costs more than NetFlix!). My suggestion is ditch CDDA completely and invest in a vinyl setup for ripping *if* you're serious about buying right now. Vinyl, sadly, is still mainstream king (but I just can't afford it anymore, financially or the physical room).

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