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Big Blue to give car insurers IoT peeking powers

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Not interested. If a newer car has some kind of module that tries to "phone home", I will remove it. I know damned well, these modules will not be used to *reduce* anybody's rates, only to increase them.

Also, the existing module an insurance co. or two advertise (that plug into the OBD2 port) do not recognize good driving habits, just hard braking, acceleration, and speed. So the jackass that drifts down the onramp at 45MPH and fails to yield, cutting into 70MPH traffic (causing problems for everyone else), then goes into the left lane (we drive on the right here) and becomes a 55MPH traffic obstruction (causing problems for everyone else), will be seen as "Hey, they really aren't accelerating that hard, good on them!" while someone using a badly designed interchange that requires some hard braking or accelerating to safely match the flow of traffic will be dinged, not for using the badly designed intersection but because this stupid unit sees them braking or accelerating.

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