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EMC and Cloudera withdraw from Indiana big data event

W. Anderson

Hopefully hundreds of national and International entities will boycott Indiana

While the article did indicate the costs dollarwise to both EMC and Cloudera of pulling out of Indiana technology services event, the point of principle surely is more important than that of some sacrifice in lost money outlay.

Undoubtably, many national USA and international business and organizations will continue to eagerly do business in Indiana, purely for crass "Capitalism" as the ultimate "American Way", than any human rights or human dignity position, and irregardless of the significant attack to the "so-called" principles of "Justice for All" and equality that USA relentless spews on the rest of the world.

Even in last few years American blacks and others from Latin America, Caribbean, Africa and even those non-Caucasian citizens of Canada visiting USA have voiced their strong objections of bad and blatant discrimination treatment in Indiana and other Southern and mid-Western States - to no avail, all at the hands of so-called Christian conservatives whose religious beliefs do not accept blacks, Native Americans, Latinos and Asians as “equal” human beings and citizens deserving of same civil protections, and especially in regard rejecting any social interactions with whites.

All these stupid acts of Christian interpretation are tolerated and de-facto legal in more than 25 States, now confirmed by new law that clearly extend dubious and possibly hostile discrimination to those "apparently" perceided as gay.

How sick must the USA become mentally and socially before the country descends into total dysfunction.

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