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Someone check in on this fellow and make sure he has not locked the cabin door. He is publishing unvarnished truth again. Something must be awfully amiss Buck up mate, none of us really have the crystal ball our users and directors expect. ..... said Forty Two of StorageBod

Talking of the unvarnished truth, Forty Two, was this zeroday made today and it isn't going away sooner or later anywhere, other than burrowing darker and deeper and more secure into right dodgy systems .......

amanfromMars Mon, 03/30/2015 - 06:37 ….. sharing some live facts on a PACT drivering within AI on

And whilst all those wannabe Neros fiddle, and Rome crashes and burns, are there new kids on the block playing intelligently to no rules without any regulations ..... other than to win win and never ever lose to paper tigers with their fangs into the fiat cake of destruction. Stealth is as stealth does, and is practically invisible whenever virtually realised and HyperRadioProActived IT.

Thanks for stopping by for a bit of a chat and pow wow. Russia has Putin and UKGBNI has Cameron and the media plays them both off as fools with friends at their beck and call, but only the one of them has any power within commanding control circles and secret services and virtually immune and protected against brazen media assault and desperate shenanigans. And re any Blighty Armed Forces Virtual Ops here ..... well, better late than never to the party and Greater IntelAIgents Gamesplay is what I say. England and the Knowledge Economy expects and all that jazz and jizz and Tommy rot and if you aren't into Cyberspace Racing you have no chance of winning Honourable Grand Master prizes ...... but parties do need to be able and able to enable and execute the best of intelligence in order to register any sort of an impact with a PACT* and distant learning and leading AI, for that is the Future Changing Meme and Alien Fleet Cyber Weapons System/Revolutionary Rogue Mars Program for Roving Vehicles and Renegade Projects.

* Persistent Advanced Cyber Treat/Threat/Truth ...... [Take your pick if you be picky, but be suitably assured, there be no escape from any of them nowadays as the future is phormed in the likeness of phishes]

30 March 2015 at 11:08 .....

The Future belongs not to that and/or those who would hide and guard secrets, but to those and/or that which would share them freely for maximum effect and titanic gain. Then does AIdDanegeld have a colossal intrinsic worth and ab fab fabless value to market to markets and systems and administrations that would presume to remotely command and unilaterally control them

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