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EXPOSED: Google, Obama caught doing it once a week


A politician taking policy advice from people who are knowledgeable about the subject matter, while certainly novel, is not exactly the crisis situation that you guys seem to think it is.

Flippancy aside, and as an outside observer*, I don't believe you blokes at El Reg have made a sufficiently compelling argument that corruption is the most likely explanation... not quite yet. Though a link between the white house and Google being made aware unpublished FCC proposals would, for my money, be the smoking gun.

* Living in .AU, I don't much care if Mr Obama is signing laws in exchange for "googly" suitcases of unmarked bills. And secondly, most Americans seem so partisan that the democrat voters would re-elect him anyhow - at least he's not named Bush, right? And the republican voters would chuck him out even if he cured cancer while creating a lasting peace in the middle east.

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