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GitHub ordered to hand over access logs to Uber

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No, because there's probable cause to investigate a crime.

There's nothing in this article that suggests Uber were storing their secret sauce on GitHub (or even that one of their coders* used GitHub), only that part of their secret sauce which is identifiable as secret has been found in a public area of GitHub.

*Because yes, as insane as it sounds I am aware of a coder working on a project downloading a piece of hacking software to install on his local PC because the IT staff protected parts of the network. Yes, he was summarily fired when it was discovered. No he wasn't prosecuted because there were enough f*ckups on the part of the IT staff that he would have been able to mount a defense (how did he get the rights to install the software in the first place?) Given this, I have no trouble imaging a developer using unauthorized resources to perform his work.

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