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Time for GitHub Europe?

This sets a dangerous precedent, even by the standards of the American software-security landscape.

Many European companies host projects on GitHub which under the increasingly draconian laws may be at some point in the future considered 'illegal'. We all know by now that the US Gov does not operate according to its own already lax laws with regard to probable cause, jurisdiction, etc.. but this now means that any European company or project can be held hostage to some crackpot startup like Uber for any reason whatsoever.

If Github wants to survive, they seriously need to consider pulling a LavaBit and acting fast - they have 30 days to incorporate a business presence somewhere in the EU, arrange hosting, and begin migrating their infrastructure. They need to shut down all operations in the US and relocate their employees, leaving only a P.O. Box to receive their sundry court orders, which they can then process at their leisure under EU legal protection.

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