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GitHub ordered to hand over access logs to Uber

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It might be a typical American company with an American attitude towards its corporate responsibilities, but its offices abroad have to play by the local laws. They have an office in Amsterdam which can probably be sued by any EU citizen.

It is amazing how the USA doesn't have any useful data protection laws. Presumably businesses over there lobby against such things. Doing so is self defeating in the long run. Sure, they don't want to have to do 'data protection' because it is a cost item on their balance sheet, which harms their profit margin. But that's nothing compared to being wiped out as a company because your clients have got fed up with doing business with you.

If there was a law saying that you had to bear data protection costs as a normal part of your business then so would your competitors. Then you would be less likely to lose the faith of your clients and would not be disadvantaged by your competitors. That's a far safer business proposition than saying "meh, we'll take the chance". Which is what Uber have done to date and are now suffering the consequences.

They are going to have to do something about their poor reputation sooner rather later. Taking short cuts on safety, privacy and licensing will ultimately wipe them out. There's a reason why countries have cab licensing laws; they are for the protection of the public and the cab company.

Hypothetical scenario: Cab driver commits a string of hideous crimes, victims cannot sue his licensed employer because being licensed means they take all reasonable precautions. But victims could sue an unlicensed employer like Uber because by definition they are not taking all reasonable precautions. Uber's business model is the latter, and they're taking a bet that all of their drivers will never be serial rapists, etc.

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