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GitHub ordered to hand over access logs to Uber

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Company leaves keys in front door of premiss (for 5 months), gets robbed and brings surrounding businesses to court for access to their 7 months of CCD recordings in case the robber was stupid, not wearing a balaclava and hanging around in the parking lot kicking at their front door for two months before they left the keys in the front door.

To me it sounds like something that the police should be doing and not an incompetent privately held company that gives away the keys to their own data. They should not be allowed access to any data that they do not own, and probably not even the data that they own. They will probably just publish it all as well. *facepalm* stupid judge, what happened to common sense, when did it become an endangered species ?

This company deserves to be fined out of existence by a data protection agency for their incompetence, shame that they are based in the US where there is no data protection. But they do operate in some countries with strict data protection laws. They should be in some hot water.

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