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Utah faints: Google Fiber to lay cable in thrilling Salt Lake City


Just worked it out.

Whenever I see articles about Google stomping on the incumbent laggard to the acclaim of all - I had this niggling feeling that I was being duped in to cheering one billion dollar corporate behemoth over another. I felt played. Slightly impressed, but played.

Just managed to work out why I was rooting for Google.

Google make their money by you using the internet as much as possible, Comcast and their ilk make their money by charging you for it, and then wanting you not to use it.

I know why Google want me to use it, so they can scan my every page-visit, analyze my every email, and target adverts to flog me stuff for a percentage - but I buy stuff anyway, I'd see adverts (if I didn't block them), and well *shrugs* they're Google....

...htf did they make me like them..

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