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Anonymous Coward

Idiots, all of you.......

"I can't swear to it", "I think", "Lax US security rules", and the scared anonymous bitch "Obama-Scare".......

1st, if you think, or can't swear to it, STFU until you *know* something. 2nd, you fucking wankers and your "the US sucks" mentality ..... your shit isn't any better. PLEASE! 3rd, quit being a scared anonymous bitch!

There isn't any org better or worse than a US org. If that were a falsehood, then I wouldn't have to fight off Chinese bad actors coming at us from a PWN'd Britton VPS.

Nobody gives a shit until they have to write a check. Then, once the dust settles, nobody gives a shit anymore, until they have to write another check.

When is the last time someone on US soil was poisoned by Po-210? You european 3rd world country residents can stuff that noise.

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