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"Our current government, especially congress, is totally uninterested in impeding the free flow of capitalism."

The thing that pays our wages, the thing that pays for (mostly) the expanding and extensive government and vast interference that has already spent that money and a great deal of future money not yet raised through capitalism? Capitalism, the thing that causes greater employment, greater prosperity and reduces inequality. Why would we want that impeding?

"Don't let regulations and audits get in the way"

But it did. How much does it cost to comply with their rules? How much does it cost the poor in tax's to pay for the people and bureaucracy that makes up this audit? And the complaint seems to be how the security audit didnt pick up on security problems, even though it still gets in the way.

"After all, we're encouraging the rest of the world to be as corrupt and capitalistic as we are (steal from the people, deliver to the crooks)!"

When someone comes out with this I wonder why they dont move to a beautiful socialist paradise like North Korea. When people choose to spend the money and choose the provider that is capitalism. The steal from the people describes tax. You talk of crooks and who would argue against that description of gov? There are some bad eggs out there, that is what regulations are needed for. But if you think your gov is not stealing and not a crook then wow, sucker of the year.

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