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It's not just firewall and AV, though. There is also spyware and PUPs and other nasties to worry about, unless you are lumping everything into one category. McAfee does not and many other AV vendors don't either. This sets up a situation where customers believe they have a reasonable amount of protection but do not. I have a bigger issue with this than AV products.

McAfee has a broad range of products. They target these to different markets in different combinations. This product is not an enterprise version, but is most likely based on the same tech that their ePO suite of products supports. I am curious as to whether it would do things like prevent an admin from accessing a browser or e-mail client, and if it would prevent users from running software from the temp directory. These actions have signatures in HIPS another of McAfee's products I would bet shares some code with Endpoint Protection for SMB.

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