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Sarah Balfour

Permission to ask a COMPLETELY off-topic question…?

Buggrit, I'm gonna anyway. :oP

Is there any reason - sane or otherwise - why gadgetry cables are round, as opposed to flat…? The cable that accompanied my Belkin Ultra Fast has ruptured at the dock end - and it must be at LEAST the 100th-odd cable I've had break like that in my years of iThing ownership (my first Touch was a 4G, so not all that long in the scale of things) - and I'm far from the only one, Amazon, the fruity firm's fora, MacFixit, Mac Rumours, and just about every other Apple-specific, and non-Apple-specific, gadgetry site and forum that I've come across are littered with scores of people moaning about cables lasting a fortnight - or less, I think the the record is around 6 weeks.

I'm guessing it must have something to do with flat cables costing more to manufacture, therefore reducing profit margins but, then again, telephony cables are, as a general rule, flat, and you get several bundled with a new router - are they cheaper to produce…?

It just seems to me that round is the stupidest design on Earth, and that the cable with break in pretty short order no matter HOW careful you are with it, due to the small surface area concentrating the applied stress on a single point.

Would it be too cynical of me to think they deliberately make 'em shite to shift more…? I can believe that of an OEM - particularly one like Apple - but it's not just Apple cables I've had break. Is it only cables for iThings that are this shit - how about Android…? Can't afford to keep wasting bread I ain't really got on cables!

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