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I didn't correctly point out what you say I did, it is not an offense here, if done discreetly, and away from places where it causes real offense, I don't think it should be an offense at all, except if done in a specifically offensive way.

I live above a small car-park, too many people relieve themselves there in high summer, I do not like it, but I don't think they should be arrested or fined, usually quiet, also, for women, the vehicles provide a little shelter.

BTW, sincere thx for pulling me up on the auto-input slip.

I often tell people when there is a toilet nearby 'excuse me, there is a public toilet/shop with a toilet you can use just a few metres away', including at the afore-mentioned carpark if I happen to be arriving home or departing at the same time, although there, it is understandable if people who are not from the area don't know where they are or are lost, it's a bit like a labyrinth. Would never dream of doing more than embarrassing them.

As for FA players, I don't like the mentality of soccer in general, so I just about never watch it.

While not agreeing on all things, I would truly like to hear in more detail what you meant about problems with guiding a wheelchair-bound person about in the first comment.

People who piss in the car-park that I live above, they make it a little stinky in summer, but I clearly see that they don't make a problem for the people in wheelchairs who live in and travel about in the area.

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