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All products seem to have weaknesses, if they are very good at catching everything they seem to slow your PCs to a crawl and if they are fast they seem to miss everything. I am with another commenter here in that my experience is that McAfee/Intel just misses too much stuff.

I recommend VIPRE by ThreatTrack security. They do both standalone and corporate versions. The corporate AV solution has a server console that communicates with the client PCs and is pretty easy to manage. It seems pretty good at catching most of the viruses that normal (as in non-porn site visiting

business) users encounter, however it seems to miss a lot of the PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) type annoyances like ASK, Conduit, Alot and so on, so I tend to also have a copy of Malwarebytes free loaded as well so that if a user thinks they have been hit by something they can run a quick scan with that and it will shift the PUPs. The free version does not include the real-time scanning engine so it won't conflict with your main AV program.

Between those two you get pretty good coverage.

ThreatTrack also do a product called VIPRE for Exchange which sifts out malware and spam and is quite configurable allowing you to create custom rules to block spam with certain words in the body or subject and add people to allowed or blocked senders.

The good thing about VIPRE is that it's very lightweight and doesn't slow your PC down whilst scanning unless you have a very old single core processor PC and most AVs will clobber them.

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