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Two wrongs don't make a right

Relieving oneself in a lift that other people have to use is disgusting by any standard; and having any kind of sex in a situation where people who might not want to see it is at the very least selfish and inconsiderate.

But that does not make it OK to broadcast CCTV recordings, which are made for a specific purpose -- usually, the prevention and detection of crime -- which must be displayed on signs wherever CCTV in in operation. The contract is that we agree to allow ourselves be filmed, in certain circumstances, in return for a specific benefit. And those recordings cannot be used for any other purpose, except upon the order of a Court of Law. There is such a thing as due process, and it is there for a reason.

It's easy to see why TV companies might be tempted to make programmes as cheaply as possible. The shows are not the real product, but a mere vehicle for what they get paid for: advertisements. The only reason there are any actual programmes on TV at all is that they have got to have something to interrupt for advert breaks. And unfortunately, the same number of viewers now have more channels to choose from; facing TV companies with the need to make more programmes, even although they are still only receiving the same amount of money from advertisers. The end result is cheap programmes made to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

But none of that gives them the right to broadcast video contrary to the stated purpose for which it was acquired. And if that stated purpose did not include "entertaining the general public by appealing to their base instincts", and no court of law ever ruled that broadcasting the video to a wider audience served a more important purpose, then Channel 4 had no business broadcasting it.

This time around, it was something pretty abhorrent. But ask yourself this one question: Can you really be sure that there is nothing you do, that someone, somewhere might find a reason to think reprehensible?

Because if you can't, then you're only one very small step away from being the next unwitting exhibit in the modern-day carnival freak show.

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