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Woman caught on CCTV performing drunken BJ blew right to privacy

HOW many?

Re: Dazed and confused ...

It might not have prevented her -

But I'll bet it'll make the next slag think twice .

Err, No, hang on a minute ...........

Actually, fk it. I can see all sorts of potential problems if the principle runs riot - but - (whilst I don't care a monkeys about her giving someone a blowjob) If some antisocial cow pisses all over the lift, plaster stills of the event including her face on local billboards and do the same with all the other low-level arseholes who fk up society. Its cheap, its efficient, and its commensurate.

And for everyone who hasn't been in a piss-stinking lift in a highrise, experience that before you start preaching about her 'right' to privacy. This is not disproportionate.

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