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"You're waiting for a lift with your child and the doors open on that?"

Luckily for you, your kid doesn't have to chance it now. He can just watch it on TV, or look it up on You Tube, or some other kid will send a link to him. Thanks to the joke that enforcement of privacy laws is in the UK, and thanks to some underpaid (or plain idiotic) CCTV operator, and to a bunch of greedy, miserable, unprincipled, TV producers.

She might have done something rude and stupid (urinating in a lift) or taken part in something that you don't approve of (having sex in a communal, rather than public, space), along with someone else who by the way seems to have escaped any form of condemnation. That does not justify taking advantage of her position and the equivalent of a tarring and feathering. That is not the mark of a civilised society. Is this how you want your children to grow up?

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