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Woman caught on CCTV performing drunken BJ blew right to privacy


This is a very good example

of the role of television to educate and inform.

Not that I'll be tracking the video down. Personally, I think that discretely pissing in public places away from where people live or work when there is no public loo nearby should, other than in high summer, not be treated, legally or socially, as an offense.

It doesn't harm anyone, the temperature quells the stench, and it is easy to be caught short in the depths of winter.

In summer, people deserve a little social shaming if they don't find a place away from where others live or work, or worse, when there is a public toilet in easy reach.

In the elevator of a building, really, WTF was Mrs. K thinking!

I wonder what Mr. K thinks of it all, presumably he was not the target of her oral attention.

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