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No password or PIN, but I have a fake ID. Sure, take the domain

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Social engineering is the best, and easiest way to commit fraud. I have used it to gain access to server rooms when I couldn't be bothered to go back to my car to get my ID. I once went into 6 magistrate courts server rooms in a day, only at one did they attempt to do their job and ask for ID (which was in my car) and I just said "oh it's in the car, but she *pointing at a random girl walking into the office* knows me" and the girl just agreed and not only let me in the room but gave me her spare key card and left me to it (I assume she didn't want the embarrassment of admitting she couldn't remember me, even though we'd never met before). Luckily I was supposed to be there, but I could have been anyone!

If you want to try it out without risking arrest (it IS fraud) simply go into a Ferrari dealer and demand a test drive (they wont normally allow you if you are a walk in), simply berate the salesman in your most condescending tone, mention that "this is why people recommended the Maclaren instead", and that you will see to it that all of the people at "the club" remove their future orders from the dealers books. Done right you will have the keys for a nice new supercar for a few hours, done to expert level and you get to keep it for the weekend...Oh, and the best way to pull that off is to walk in old ripped jeans and an old t-shirt, they instantly hate you for it and try to throw you out, but that just makes your self entitled rant more effective. If you have no morals you can get anything by causing a big enough scene.

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