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Gigabit = now I can reach my 300 GB cap 5x faster. It's $10 / 50 GB after the 300 GB cap here in good 'ole Atlanta, GA USA. I've exceeded my cap the last 6 months in a row, no torrents, just netflix, youtube, and steam, averaging an extra $20 per month. When the roommate and I download a 30GB game on steam, that's 20% of our cap gone in 3 hours. I'm raising a glass of London Porter hoping for google fiber to release me from my bonds... that or I'll just switch to business class. EDIT: I've called, asking to upgrade my service, and they said, "sure!!", but going from 60 Mb/s to 100Mb/s does not raise your cap... herp derp. Apparently, the only market that upgrading raises your cap is somewhere in Texas. Bleh.

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