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GCHQ: Ensure biz security by STOPPING everyone from TALKING

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Home Truths .....

Is that the best that GCHQ can do nowadays ...... Stating the bleeding obvious long after the fact.

Whenever are they going to grasp the export opportunity and exploit systems with 0day vulnerabilities and lead virtually invisibly and practically anonymously from the front with some ab fab fabless proaction and/or NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT. Failure to do so will naturally result in them following and reacting to events with no more input to output than that which is supplied by fanatics and spectators.

UKGBNI expect considerably more than just that abdication and perversion of duty.

Get your FCUKing APT ACT together, GCHQ. You know you should and really want to. Anything else and you are someone else's plaything.

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