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What's the advantage?

ARM is already an alternative architecture to x86 and 10 years after hearing about ARM in the server space, enough companies have invested to make something look like it might start happening. GPU acceleration of most code sounds really nifty, but unless compilers come out which can pretty much handle accelerating code as part of the normal compiler chain, it's benefits will remain untapped by most. I think database developers more than most are generally quite happy just adding more capacity to compensate for performance lost due in favor of massive amounts of clean code.

Sure, I can get PPC linux and OpenStack... Great! But I can also get that on ARM... So why would I consider adding PPC blades to my infrastructure when in reality, I can't justify the cost difference to begin with. ARM and x86 is CHEAP and power efficient. I don't even care what CPU I'm using so long as the applications just work and the power bill is small. POWER almost certainly is not cheap. The CPU they're discussing is a massive powerhouse, but I would be absolutely shocked if I can say it will have an equal or lower TCO after 3 years.

What do I do when people grow bored of this in a year? What do I do when I can no longer buy new versions of the chip?

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