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The Continuing Fall and Fall of Empires and the PNAC. Sieg Heil

Morning, AC,

Things go from bad to worse and worser whenever questions are avoided and actions thought to be immune from scrutiny are left undefended and supported by arrogance and ignorance .......

But there is always something better actively and relatively anonymously replacing follies sublimely and surreally with the virtual tools and ab fab fabless user interfaces freely available to smarter state agents and non-state actors these days, and for 0days and systems vulnerability testing.

And does that cited and shared Executive Office of the President and Office of Administration Disappears Records notification above prove beyond a shadow of any doubt the death and abuse of democracy in the far from United States of America?

Uncle Sam has lost the plot and leading narratives that driver global events and future proactions and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT. Of that there is no real doubt for all those who can follow the apparent and secret evidence.

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