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iPlayer blocking tor relays?


Yep am experiencing the same thing, though I note that it's only Virgin Media customers having this trouble (I'm using Virgin).

Thank you for this thread; while I suspected the BBC was blocking tor relays from iPlayer this is the first confirmation I've seen. Bastards indeed

I've made a formal complaint and reported an iPlayer fault too -- if enough of us do it, we might become enough of a nuisance for the BBC to something about it.

It's outrageous that the BBC is penalizing those who choose to support global freedom of expression.

The only way out, that I know, is to put your router into modem mode just before the ip lease expires (see Network Status under Advanced in the Super Hub gui), then wait as long as you can bear in the hope you'll get a new ip address when you put the router back into cable mode. That's worked twice for me but is a real PITA.

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