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"....Suppose Sweden does wash its hands of him....." OK, just for the sake of a laugh, let's imagine what happens if Sweden drop the EAW. Suddenly, A$$nut is free! Er, no. A$$nut is still in the Ecuadorean Consulate with British coppers waiting outside to arrest him for bail jumping. The dropping of the Swedish warrant does not remove the bail jumping issue. So, A$$nut wanders out and the coppers arrest him and A$$nut goes to jail in the UK. Here's where it gets really fun - without the Swedish warrant to take precedence, any extradition request from the US would get immediate consideration, and - after A$$nut has played out a few appeals, failed at claiming assburgers, and served his UK term for bail jumping - he gets an all-expenses-paid trip to the States! It is actually worse than if the idiot had just gone back to Sweden in the first place.

Whether the Swedes decide to charge him now is irrelevant, A$$nut will not be budging from behind Correa's skirts.

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