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"Try living in the real world.

Not being charged because statute of limitations has run out doesn't excuse the charges of jumping bail.


Opinion or fact?

"So you have two issues that are on the table. And the fact that Sweden is coming to London is a bit odd.

They want to question him but according to the extradition, they were going to charge him and that the questioning was a formality due to Swedish law."

So Swedish law has been broken in order to invoke Swedish law.

"If they question him in London, do they then have the ability to formally charge him even though he's not in Sweden? (Jurisdictional issue), Or does it mean that he will be charged, but still not arrested. Thus he's still outside their jurisdiction but the clock on the rapes stop?"

They might be able to use his statement/DNA to establish his innocence. Otherwise, back where we are for all parties.

"He still will face the jumping bail charges."

For an international arrest warrant which no longer exists?

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