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A Life Changer

A great loss of somebody who changed my life.

I remember being told about the colour of magic by a friend when it was released. I was not interested - I didn't read books! But I remembered the name. Some years later, when at an airport about to depart on a long flight to the w.indies for a holiday, I thought about what I would do on the plane (and whilst sitting round the pool). I saw a book stall and thought hmm. By then there were 6 books in the discworld series so, having a bit of an addictive personality, I bought all six. I started to read the colour of magic whilst waiting for the plane and had read 2 books before we landed - I was hooked. Since then I have become a big reader, TP started all of that - not just discworld but lots of comic fantasy (Robert Rankin, Tom Holt, etc).

I had the fortune to meet Sir Terry only once (as with others on the forum it was a book signing, for Jingo). The queue was long but even so, her took the time to chat, and sign other items brought along (he signed a DEATH christmas card to me, and penned 'the turtle moved' on a discworld map. What a great man.

You will be sadly missed.

Bootnote - When I told my wife about the sad departure of Sir Terry yesterday she said 'that was a surprise'. "Not really", I said, "It was a million to one shot". She naturally didn't get the reference, but I'm sure most here will.

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