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Might as well move to a solution instead

I can honestly say that since a proper deployment of VSphere 6 requires rethinking the entire storage system and arming the blades with hard drives. In addition, it would require using the barely integrated NSX which their competition sees as a base component as opposed to VMware who thinks first you should first pay for Enterprise Plus and then pay for basic modern networking features on top of that... pretty much charging you twice (or is it three times) for networking.

If I want the hack and slash VMware way of doing things, I'll probably use KVM as it's pretty much a VMware clone which I can automate using some really great third party tools.

If I want to properly plan an upgrade and have a proper solution, I'll use Microsoft Cloud OS which is SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper and is a complete IaaS and PaaS solution out of the box. And best of all, it's like $2000 a socket vs. $7500 a socket compared to VMware... and it's management system is MUCH better.

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