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Not impressed...

...with the FTC or FCC when it comes to protecting consumers. These federal agencies routinely fail consumers via ignorance, apathy and incompetence, IME. In reality most people who work in these agencies should be prosecuted for dereliction of duty from willful negligence.

To highlight the point, Comcast cable has been illegally blocking international e-mail sent to many U.S. subscribers for over a year and the FTC has done nothing even after the crime has been documented. If you read other reports you also know that Comcast installs unsecured hotspots in people's homes without notice and then holds the customer responsible for illegal use of said hotspot. Then there is the illegal credit checks that Comcast performs even after customers pay them a deposit and Comcast agrees not to perform a credit check. The FCC and FTC are fully aware of these and many more crimes by Comcast cable yet they have failed to prosecute Comcast or even make them stop their illegal acts.

What exactly does the FTC and FCC believe their responsibilities are to the citizens who pay their salaries?

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